Unsettled: The Future of Appleā€™s 30% Cut (by Fastspring) 

I tried to do a quick summary in our team about what is coming from the Epic vs Apple case. After looking at a few different resources I think the following webinar gives a good understand of what is happening

(source https://fastspring.wistia.com/medias/tutvwsihof)

Current status summary

  1. There is a new possible “Web flow” that opens a lot of possibilities that previously were note possible.
  2. You are more flexible to target users in specific ways
  3. We have an unlock Optimization for customer lifetime value – Retention, Cross sell
  4. The future might be – enter the app ecosystem and then use web flow outside of Apple for cross sell, sell, communication.
  5. There might be less “Paid” app going forward. There will be a move to “Subscription”
  6. It is more likely for change to come from Regulatory and Government efforts than from Court rulings