cannot open shared object file:

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We: – Today it will be a great day

The god of computers: – I don’t think so. Here is something for you

App 1558233 output: Error: The application encountered the following error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
 directory - /usr/....path.../x86_64-linux/ (LoadError)

Why it happened?

We did

$ sudo apt get upgrade 
$ suod autoremove

Nothing of importance to see there and we went about with doing the autorremove. But it turns out autoremove has removed libssl. Why? I don’t know. I guess that because it has 1.1 it will automatically remove 1.0.0. But

How we fixed it?

# As we can see there is not
kmitov@vpszap6s:/usr$ sudo find . -name*

# So we install it
$ sudo apt-get install libssl1.0.0

# And now there is
$ sudo find . -name*